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What does (or will) your company do - it's trade? *

e.g. eCommerce platform for fashion, travel agent, produces healthy snacks
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Great! What's the name of your company?

Make sure this exactly matches the name at Companies House or if easier, provide the company registration number
Has your company started trading,{{answer_OJ91SCTnD2C2}}? 

This means you were ready to start selling  goods/services and were activity seeking customers.
What date did it start trading?

This might not be the date of your first sale. It is the date that you were ready to start selling good or services and were actively seeking customers, whether or not you had any!
Does your company have a parent company?

This means a company that owns more than 50% of your company
Does your company have any subsidiaries?

This means your company owns more than 50% of another company
Great, thanks! We need a few more details about this. Please tell us the name of any subsidiaries and what they do - their trade(s)

If subsidiary's trade is the same as the parent company, just say "same trade"
Has your company received any state aid or grants?

Lucky you! Can you tell us about this?

Who did you receive it from, when did you receive it and how much did you receive?
Are the company's assets valued at under £200,000?

Have you previously raised funding under SEIS, EIS or VCT for the company?

Choose all that apply

If you know your Corporation Tax Unique Taxpayer Reference (UTR), please enter it here

This is a 10 digit number issued to every company by HMRC, most likely included on any letter from them
Have you (or will you) acquire an existing trade or business or are you creating the business from scratch?

How much are you raising?

A rough estimate is fine if you are still deciding
How will you spend the investment?

How many people in your team?

Are (or will) there be any incentives in place to encourage investment into the company?

e.g. cash benefits, freebies
Thanks {{answer_OJ91SCTnD2C2}}, can you share a few more details about those incentives please?

What's on offer, how do you get it and what's it worth?
Have (or will) any shareholders in this round received any benefits from the company?

e.g cash benefits, freebies
Thanks {{answer_OJ91SCTnD2C2}}, can you share a few more details about those benefits please?

What benefits did they receive, what were they worth and what were the circumstances that they received them
Is there a shareholders' agreement for the round?

Also answer YES if you plan to have one but it's not drafted yet
Is there a term sheet or investment agreement for the round?

Thank you {{answer_OJ91SCTnD2C2}}, we'll be in touch right away! 
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